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24 April 2015 - Road Rule 299 (GPS on a motorcycle)
  South Australian Road Rule 299 has been amended and brings us in line with the rest of Australia. This change has been documented in a MRASA press release by President Phil McClelland.
6 March 2015 - Adelaide CBD Footpath Parking
  The MRASA supports Adelaide City Council and Councillor David Slama in their proposal for limited footpath parking in the Adelaide CBD. Councillor David Slama discussed the proposal with the MRASA following the recent Council elections. The MRASA welcomes the input from a Councillor (who is a rider) to these motorcycle specific issues.

There is a strong demand for the existing parking places for motorcycles and an increase is needed to cater to our growing numbers. Here is a link to the Adelaide Now article.

Mr Phil McClelland, President MRASA   

20 January 2012 - New Website
  The Motorcycle Riders' Association of South Australia Inc (MRASA) is proud to announce the opening of its new website today, January 20 2012, at 12.05am. The website has been under construction for the last four months and represents a step forward in information delivery to MRASA members, South Australian motorcycle clubs and riders, the media and interested members of the public. Complete Article
7 August 2011 - MRA Toy Run Future Assured
  MRA President, Peter Mount, said, 'Ironically, we are a victim of our own success. Where once the Toy Run only took twenty minutes to pass through an intersection, it now takes over an hour, which means the Run has to be broken up into smaller sections, thereby diminishing the spectacular visual appeal of a huge number of motorcyclists in one massed ride.. Complete Article
7 July 2011 - MRA Toy Run 2011
  MRASA President Peter Mount said yesterday, "Rest assured, the MRA Toy Run will be held this year. We are confident that we will be able to continue working productively with local councils, Vinnies and SAPOL to present a safe and enjoyable Toy Run for South Australia and continue doing what we can for families and kids in need at Christmas." Complete Article
3 November 2010 - MRA Toy Run 2010
  MRASA Press Release. Complete Article
29 July 2010 - Election of Harald Lindemann as President
  MRASA Press Release. Complete Article
9 November 2009 - MRA Toy Run 2009
  MRASA Press Release. Complete Article
19 March 2009 - Harassment, Abuse of Power or Simply Bullying?
  "I am appalled", said Phil McClelland, President of the Motorcycle Riders' Association of South Australia yesterday, "at the behaviour of the police last weekend relating to the 'Freedom of association Ride' ". Complete Article
2 December 2008 - Public Statement
  A member recently asked why are we associating with bikies and standing up for them against the government (to paraphrase the question). This is the response from our President, Phil McClelland on behalf of the MRASA. Complete Article
30 September 2008 - "Secret Police"
  In response to the "Secret Police" and other developments. Complete Article
13 July 2008 - "A Boys Wish" Motorbike Ride
  An accident on July 12 will not stop this ride happening. Complete Article
6 April 2008 - The Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Bill 2007
  Here is an Open Letter by Phil McCleland, MRA President Here he presents arguments as to why the MRA not only should, but must fight the anticipated effects of this proposed Bill. Complete Article
12 March 2008 - The Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Bill 2007
  Here is a Statement by Paul Kuhn, MRA Road Safety Officer and Chair of the special sub committee researching the Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Bill 2007. He would like to encourage all riders to put this article before their local members of Parliment, and any other organisations that they belong to. Complete Article
1 February 2008 - Ridden-on Ride
  MRASA Press Release. Complete Article
9 February 2008 - Motorcycle fatalities for 2007 for South Australia
  MRASA Press Release. Complete Article
3 December 2007 - MRASA position on recent Act changes
  The recent changes in the South Australian Government's "Summary Offences Act 1953" have seen an amendment called the 'Statutes Amendment (Gangs) Bill 2007 introduced by the Hon. Ann Bressington MLC. It provides for the Governor to declare an organisation or group to be a criminal gang on the advice of the Commissioner of Police.

The MRASA has formed a position on this and has released a press release. Complete Article
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