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Motorcycle ABS - 07 October 2015
  The Commonwealth Government and VicRoads released research into the benefits of Motorcycle ABS. As foreshadowed at the Vehicle Safety Research Group, the report highlights the impressive ability of motorcycle ABS to prevent road trauma in the motorcycling community. This is the first time that the real-world performance of motorcycle ABS has been validated in the Australian road environment. More information can be found in the links below.

Media release from The Hon Paul Fletcher MP - Minister for Territories, Local Government and Major Projects.
Vic Roads article on Motorcycle ABS.
Monash University Accident Research Centre Report.
Fox Creek Road Intersection - 05 July 2015
  Recently DPTI has painted chevrons on the Lobethal - Cudlee Creek Rd from both directions leading up to the Fox Creek Rd intersection. This site is a known black spot at which numerous collisions have occurred due to lack of visibility. The road markings are designed to alert traffic in a controlled manner of the potential hazard. DPTI will closely monitor driver behaviour at this point for the next 3 months to determine the effectiveness of this initiative. This is part of the ongoing Adelaide Hills road safety initiative sponsored by DPTI with input and support from MRASA.

Mr Ebi Lux, Road Safety Officer, MRASA   

  Fox Creek Road 5 July 2015
5 July 2015 - Fox Creek Road intersection

Fox Creek Road 5 July 2015
5 July 2015 - Fox Creek Road intersection
Anti-Skid Surface on Steel Road Plates - 22 April 2015
  MRA Road Safety Officer Mr Ebi Lux raised the subject of steel plates at the MRG meeting just this week (see article below). Since then we have researched the issue and found the following.

In January 2013 the MRASA received a letter from the Road Safety Minister Jennifer Rankine. It was personally addressed to our Road Safety Officer (at the time) Mr Neville Gray on the subject of Steel Plates covering roadworks. The minister outlines amendments to the Specification for the Excavation and Reinstatement of Existing Road Pavements. If you are interested, please read the letter.

The letter outlined that steel plates require an approved anti-skid coating to contribute to safer roads for motorcyclists. The MRA feel this requirement is still being overlooked and we again need to apply pressure to the Government to have this enforced. Do you know of a location where a steel plate is being used without an approved coating? If so, please let us know via Email, via our facebook page or ring 1800 018 313 to report the road hazard.
  Prospect Road 11 May 2015
11 May 2015 - Prospect Rd, Kilburn (intersection near Cromwell Rd)

Gorge Road 25 April 2015
25 April 2015 - Gorge Rd, Campbelltown (between Lower Northeast Road and Newton Road)

Cnr Hawker St and Coglin St 23 Sept 2015
23 September 2015 - Cnr Hawker St and Coglin St, Brompton
2015 ACMC&A Conference Slams Appalling Laws - 01 April 2015
  The 4th Australian Christian Motorcycle Clubs and Associations Conference met on the weekend in Brisbane in the wake of the controversial anti-rights laws enacted by the former LNP Government.

Held since 2006 around Australia, the 2015 Conference aimed to assist the growing number of Christian motorcycle clubs and associations express their Christian faith within the motorcycle culture in a way that is respectful of those who ride and their motorcycle lifestyle.

It also aimed to develop a Christian response to the growing trend of governments in Australia to punish riders' associations rather than behaviour. 'Christian motorcyclists, along with most clear thinking people, are appalled at these anti friendship laws and the negative impact they can have on our community.' said Conference Spokesman Greg Pendlebury from Brotherhood CMC.

The Conference released the attached statement in response to anti-association laws in various states.
Dutch Report - Motorcyclists ride safer after training - 08 December 2014
  A report has been released by the Dutch in support of the idea that motorcyclists ride safer after training.

Motorcyclists are vulnerable in traffic. A popular measure to reduce crash risk is motorcycle training. However, there is little evidence for the effectiveness of training. SWOV therefore evaluated the 'Risk' advanced training course of the Royal Dutch Motorcyclists Association (KNMV). This one day course teaches motorcyclists to recognise, analyse, and anticipate potential traffic hazards. Results from the two-year evaluation indicate that the 'Risk' training has a positive effect on safe riding behaviour and hazard perception of motorcyclists in the short term.

Please read the full report (4Mb PDF).
New GLS in Victoria commences 1 October 2014
  Victoria is introducing the first stage of their new motorcycle graduated licensing system effective 1 October 2014. There are some major changes affecting the process of getting your motorcycle license and the conditions you are under as an L or P plater. The MRA hope this will have a positive affect in reducing motorcycle accidents and injuries.

The GLS is a staged implementation, Stage 2 will be introduced in late 2015. Anyone issued with a motorcycle learner permit or licence on or after 1 October 2014 will be subject to the new conditions. A person issued with a learner permit prior to 1 October and subsequently issued with a licence on or after 1 October will be subject to the new conditions.

Any person converting an interstate or overseas motorcycle licence who has not held a motorcycle licence for 3 years will be subject to a pro-rata restricted period after the commencement date. For all the relevant information, see the Vicroads website.
Speedos and Noise Emissions - 30 September 2014
  The MRA has created two new pages containing information relevant to motorcyclists and the motoring public. The first is an article on Speedometers (released a couple months ago) and outlines the current laws and Australian Design Rules relating to speedometers. This is interesting reading especially in our current situation with so many speed cameras on our roads.

The second article is on noise emissions, focussing specifically on motorcycles. The article outlines the ADRs and provides general information on the allowable noise emissions allowed from your motorbike. Due to the complex nature of noise emissions, the link will take you to an abbreviated article, which then links on to the full article.

Links to Speedometers and the Noise Emissions page are also available on the menu above, under General Info.
South Eastern Freeway, Stirling to the Tollgate - 08 September 2014
  The MRA would like to announce its position on the speed limit reduction applied to the down-track of the South Eastern Freeway effective 1st September 2014. The speed reduction was introduced after the recent horrific crash and loss of life from an out-of-control truck descending the hill.

We urge the Government to address the issue of faulty vehicles and inadequate driver training. We suggest the fees be abolished for vehicles using the arrester beds, and the introduction of an additional roadside mechanism or escape path near the lower end to arrest the descent of an out-of-control vehicle.

Whilst the MRA do not support reduction of speed limits to address other issues, we support the reduced speed in this instance as it moderates to a degree the speed differential between the slow and fast moving vehicles sharing the same segment of road. It also makes the speed limit from the top to the bottom consistent all the way.
Peter Mount's efforts recognised - 5 September 2014
  The MRASA officially recognised the years of work and efforts of Peter Mount at a dinner and presentation held on the 5th September 2014. Peter has been dedicated and persistent for over 30 years representing rights of riders and attending to political and safety aspects of motorcycling in Australia. His experience and knowledge will be sorely missed.

Peter Mount
25km/h Emergency Services speed limit - 1 September 2014
  New laws that require road users to travel at 25 km/h past emergency roadside incidents will come into effect on 1 September 2014. The emergency service speed zone will help protect frontline workers and volunteers from the CFS, MFS, SES, Police and SA Ambulance while they carry out vital emergency work.

When you see a stationary emergency vehicle with red or blue flashing lights, you must slow down to at most 25km/h. Prior to 1 September the limit is 40km/h. Ignorance of a road rule is not an excuse. See more at the mylicense website
Exclusive Invitation to MRA members - 30 August 2014
  Crime Stoppers is about to launch a new strategy to address vehicle theft, and are extending an exclusive invitation to the MRA members to participate. This is a unique opportunity to be one of the first selected to be a part of this exciting new campaign. Members will receive an email in the next day or so with details on how to register.

25 September 2014 - Crime Stoppers have completed their beta trial, and are reviewing our comments. We look forward to the official release of the app.
  August 2014 - Corporate Membership with ACRS
MRASA is proud to be a corporate member of the Australian College of Road Safety.
New Licensing Rules for P platers - 28 July 2014
  New rules come into effect on 28th July 2014 which are designed to address the issue of young drivers being over-represented in road crashes, much more than older age groups. The new rules include restricting late-night driving and the number of peer-aged passengers. There are also changes for L plate drivers.
To read more visit the mylicence home page or their new rules page.
Adelaide Hills Speed Limit Review - 18 July 2014
  The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) are hosting a series of workshops throughout July and August to discuss speed limits and speed limit reductions within the Adelaide Hills Council area. The objective of the speed limit review is to:
a) implement speed limits that are consistent and make sense to the community; and
b) improve road safety in the Adelaide Hills for all road users.

The MRA is representing the interests of the motorcycle riding community and have committed to attend every workshop to present the views of motorcyclists.

02 December 2014 - DPTI have released the community engagement outcomes report, which provides a summary of the themes and options raised in the community workshops. This report (63 pages) can be found at and also from the MRA website.

In January 2015, the department shall present a proposal for both Onkaparinga Road and Greenhill Road that incorporates the recommendations included within the Community Engagement Outcomes Report. The department will then host two Community Feedback Sessions in February 2015 to enable you provide further feedback on the department's proposed option. The MRA look forward to attending these sessions on the behalf of the motorcycle riding community.
Cannabis and Alcohol in road crashes - July 2014
  MRASA vice president Ebi Lux attended the ACRS AGM (SA Chapter) in June. Following the AGM a presentation was given by Dr Matthew Baldock from CASR on the topic 'Cannabis and Alcohol' in road crashes. Dr Baldock's investigations support world wide analysis which clearly show the correlation between driving impairment and consumption of alcohol and cannabis and/or other drugs. Dr Baldock noted that cannabis consumption by itself did not show any increased risk of drivers being involved in a road crash.

Current laws especially in Victoria, do not distinguish between a single type of drug or a mixture of drugs and alcohol. Harsh penalties apply as soon as any or combination of drugs are detected, a true zero tolerance. "Whilst I do not condone driving (or riding) whilst impaired, or the consumption of illicit drugs, I also do not support the concept of applying heavy penalties on the consumption of a substance which has been proven to have no impact upon increased road crashes."

Mr Ebi Lux, Vice President MRASA   

Mid North Register - 22 March 2014
  The Mid North Register had its inception on 22 March 1984. Congratulations to the long serving members of the committee for 30 years of service to the motorcycling community.

Older News Items
  January 2014 - Call to introduce new licence conditions for scooter riders

The Adelaide Now website published an article on 4th January 2014 on a call to introduce new license conditions for scooter riders. Should scooter riders undertake a mandatory safety training course and be licensed in a similar way to other motorcyclists?
Read more in the online article.
  November 2013 - 2013 Australasian College of Road Safety (ACRS) Conference

The 2013 Australasian College of Road Safety Conference will be held in Adelaide at the National Wine Centre of Australia on Thursday & Friday, 7-8 November 2013 with a welcome reception on the evening of Wednesday 6 November.

The College extends an invitation to all colleagues and networks interested in saving lives and injuries on our roads, and promoting best outcomes for the National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020. More details are available on our Road Safety page. If you are interested in submitting a paper, attending or want more information, please visit the ACRS Conference web page.
  31 October 2013 - Meeting with Ministers in Brisbane - Ms Eva Cripps (AMC)

Eva Cripps representing the AMC attended a meeting in Brisbane with Police and Ministers on Police harassment. Here is her report.

"On Thursday, 31 October 2013, Ms Eva Cripps represented the Australian Motorcycle Council at a meeting in Brisbane with the Police Minister, Jack Dempsey, senior representatives of the Queensland Police Service and other recreational rider groups. The meeting gave recreational riders the opportunity to bring to the Minister's attention the disconnect between government rhetoric and the reality for riders being stopped and harassed by police. Recreational rider representatives detailed numerous reports that had been received from riders stating that they had been subject to police harassment in the form of unnecessary stop, searches and questioning.

The Australian Motorcycle Council viewed the meeting as a positive step in building relationships with the Police, however while the Minister agreed that police officers needed educating on how to identify recreational riders, he said that police would continue to stop and question motorcyclists to enable police to gather intelligence on criminal activity. Senior police suggested that riders could protect themselves from police harassment, by notifying the police before commencing a group ride, however the AMC rejects this suggestion. "A motorcycle is a legal form of transport", said Ms Cripps, "It is unacceptable that riders should have to report to police first, to protect themselves from police harassment while riding with their friends."

Minister Dempsey agreed that the quality of interaction between police and motorcyclists could be improved, and lines of communication needed to be kept open between recreational riders and the police. The Australian Motorcycle Council supports reasonable law enforcement and supports ongoing conversations, however it will not support anti-motorcycling propaganda disguised as a law and order campaign."

Ms Eva Cripps (AMC)   

  16 October 2013 - Queensland adopts new bikie legislation

Queensland has passed three new/updated bills in parliament that are being actively discussed by groups and in the media. The three new bills are:
 -  Criminal Law (Criminal Organisations Disruption) Amendment Bill 2013.
 -  Tattoo Parlours Bill 2013.
 -  Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill 2013.

The President of the Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland issued a media release on the 8th October in response to the Queensland Governments proposing the new laws. On the eve before the bill was presented to parliament, MRAQ issued a second media release.

Following a subsequent meeting, Ms Eva Cripps (AMC) has written a meeting report which is available on our news page.

On 8 January 2014 Eva Cripps has published another article on the current state of affairs. You can view the 'Where is the Outrage' article online at the Bikeme website or from the MRASA website as a PDF (republished with permission).
  14 October 2013 - Toy Run Major Sponsor

The Motor Accident Commission has come on board as the major sponsor of the 2013 MRASA Toy Run.
  October 2013 - Toll Roads in South Australia

Talkback radio has implied that toll roads are on the agenda for SA. Let's get something straight. The State Labor Government opposes toll roads. Interstate experience shows toll roads are hated by motorists and they don't work. When submitting projects to the Federal Government for funding, the Department of Transport has to include any possible revenue source including tolls. But as a State Labor Government, our policy is crystal clear - Not Tolls in SA.

Alan Sibbons MP   

  October 2013 - Alan Sibbons MP Newsletter

The following article appeared in a recent newsletter published by Alan Sibbons MP.

Motorcycle laws heading in right direction

In some good news for South Australia's motorcycle riders, mounted GPS devices will soon be legal to use on motorcycles in this state. GPS devices are legal to use if correctly mounted in cars across Australia and on motorcycles in other states but currently cannot be used on motorbikes in SA.

Alan recently learnt of this anomaly in the SA road laws from local resident Phil Creer, who is also Coordinator of the SA Scooter Club and SAS Maxi-scooter, and a Committee Member and Forum Administrator of the Motorcycle Riders Association of SA.

Phil had found out that mounted GPS devices are illegal in SA while chatting to a police officer while stopped at a road block. Alan took Phil's concern to the Acting Minister for Road Safety and Attorney General John Rau. Mr Rau recently informed Alan that the State Government had endorsed the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Transport and Infrastructure and that the amendments to the relevant road rule should be in place by the end of this year.

Phil invited Alan to meet with the members of the SA Scooter Club as they prepared to take off on a 160km cruise they call the 3 Dams Ride, taking in the Clarendon Weir, Mt Bold Reservoir and Myponga Dam (picture below). Anyone interested in joining the SA Scooter Club can visit the MRASA website at

Alan Sibbons MP   

  3 May 2013 - 4Bs Donation to the Hampstead Centre

The 4Bs had a handover to the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre on the 3rd of May 2013 donating many dvds to start their library. Many thanks to all those who donated, and we look forward to receiving many more.
  21 April 2013 - EFT payment method now available for Member Renewals

The MRASA are pleased to announce that membership renewals can now be paid via EFT. The EFT payment option is available on the method of payment item on the renewals page. Please note that this is not available for new memberships, which must be approved by the committee before payment is actioned. EFT payment details will be available once you have filled in the form and submitted it.
  20 April 2013 - Subscription to Email lists

The MRASA can accept your subscriptions to both the SAMRATS and/or Scooters email lists directly from our website. There is a link on the home page in the quick links section to access the multipurpose subscription page. Added security is built into the page, using a capture input, read the details on the subscription page for assistance.
  28 May 2012 - 4Bs Donation to the RAH

The three hundred movies collected from the riding and businesses communities will be added to the DVD Library we established in the RAH Orthopaedic wards. To watch these movies, the 4Bs' purchased six DVD players with the profits from a Ridden-On Ride and a seventh player was donated.
  27 May 2012 - Online Survey

MRASA members and the general public are invited to participate in our online survey regarding the proposed Motorcycle Safety Levy. We have published a comprehensive document on the subject outlining the facts and relevant information. Please note, the survey was closed on 11th December 2012, stay tuned for the results.
  10 Apr 2012 - 2012 Bay to Birdwood Run

The MRA are pleased to announce motorcyclists will get a discount on their entry fee for the 2012 Bay to Birdwood Run.
  17 Mar 2012 - Members Only Area

The MRA are pleased to announce a members only area of the website. Launched on 17th March 2012 this area provides additional content and material only available to financial members. You will use your name and membership number to login to this area. More details available on the login page. A link to the members only area is available on the menu above.
  12 Dec 2011 - 2011 Toy Run a Success

MRA thanks all the motorcyclists who participated in this year's Toy Run to make it such a successful event. All feedback so far indicates that the venue changes were very popular, starting at the Clipsal Track at Victoria Park, the route, the ride length and our new destination of Callington Oval. On this basis, we plan to continue using these venues for subsequent Toy Runs.
  9 Dec 2011 - Vale Jock

Jock as Santa

Our mate Jock Rogan passed away in the early hours of Friday, 9 December 2011 . He had been in the Intensive Care Unit of the RAH for the last three months and, just yesterday, was moved to the regular ward as he was so much better. Hence it was a great shock to all of us to learn that he was no longer with us, having ridden on this morning at 4am.

Jock had been a great supporter of the MRASA through his work on the MRA Committee, the SAMRATS and the Toy Run Committee. He was most enthusiastic in his charity work for the MRA through the Ridden-On Ride, the Ride for the Child and the Five Ferries Ride.

He is pictured above in one of his favourite roles which he was unable to take on this year because of his illness. This is how we would like to remember him.

Our heartfelt condolences and best wishes are sent to his wife Sue, his family and his many, many friends. All will provide strong support for each other through this sad period of our lives.

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