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  Welcome to the site of the Motorcycle Riders' Association of South Australia. Please visit our about page for more information on what the MRASA are about.
Latest Information on Rallies and Rides for 2014
  Feel like a ride - visit the following pages for upcoming rides for 2014. Here are links to the SAMRATS upcoming rides, the Scooters upcoming rides and the rallies page.
South Eastern Freeway, Stirling to the Tollgate - 08 September 2014
  The MRA would like to announce its position on the speed limit reduction applied to the down-track of the South Eastern Freeway effective 1st September 2014. The speed reduction was introduced after the recent horrific crash and loss of life from an out-of-control truck descending the hill.

We urge the Government to address the issue of faulty vehicles and inadequate driver training. We suggest the fees be abolished for vehicles using the arrester beds, and the introduction of an additional roadside mechanism or escape path near the lower end to arrest the descent of an out-of-control vehicle.

Whilst the MRA do not support reduction of speed limits to address other issues, we support the reduced speed in this instance as it eliminates to a degree the speed differential between the slow and fast moving vehicles sharing the same segment of road. It also makes the speed limit from the top to the bottom consistent all the way.
Exclusive Invitation to MRA members - 30 August 2014
  Crime Stoppers is about to launch a new strategy to address vehicle theft, and are extending an exclusive invitation to the MRA members to participate. This is a unique opportunity to be one of the first selected to be a part of this exciting new campaign. Members will receive an email in the next day or so with details on how to register. If you do not receive your email, please contact the membership secretary.
Call for Traffic Marshals at Toy Run 2014
  We are now calling for marshals for this years Toy Run. This is a rewarding and privileged way to enjoy the Toy Run, and will involve just a couple extra hours of your time on the day. Training is free and your lifetime accreditation is issued by SAPOL themselves. For more information on how to be involved, please see the marshals section on the Toy Run Webpage.
25km/h Emergency Services speed limit - 1 September 2014
  New laws that require road users to travel at 25 km/h past emergency roadside incidents will come into effect on 1 September 2014. The emergency service speed zone will help protect frontline workers and volunteers from the CFS, MFS, SES, Police and SA Ambulance while they carry out vital emergency work.

When you see a stationary emergency vehicle with red or blue flashing lights, you must slow down to at most 25km/h. Prior to 1 September the limit is 40km/h. Ignorance of a road rule is not an excuse. See more at the mylicense website
MRASA Tips for Riders - 29 July 2014
  MAC will be promoting a campaign in early September to coincide with the winter lay-off riders returning to the road - the 'seasonal riders' whose skills may be rusty or lacking. The MAC asked our road safety officer Neville Gray to provide '10 top tips' to go on their website and to be possibly promoted through other media.
  • Look for other road users that are not looking for you. Ride conspicuously and never in blind spots. Never assume that the other vehicle will stop.
  • Riders, unlike car drivers with aids such as air bags, collapsible steering columns and the stability of four wheels, only have their hazard perception and avoidance skills and their protective clothing to make them safer.
  • Always wear good quality protective clothing from your head to your feet. Protect your extremities with helmet, gloves and leg and arm protection in all weather conditions.
  • Most cars can stop quicker than most motorcycles especially in emergency situations. Therefore always keep a 3 second gap to the vehicle in front of you.
  • Always perform a head check before changing lanes. Just looking in your mirrors is not good enough.
  • It is vital to ride at a speed to suit the prevailing conditions. In bad weather, this could mean at a speed under the posted speed limit.
  • Riding under the influence of alcohol and drugs is plain suicidal. You need all of your faculties at a high level to successfully ride a motorcycle.
  • Don't forget the safety of your pillion as well as your own. They too need good protective clothing and be informed about the dynamics of a motorcycle and know how to assist by being a good pillion.
  • Never lend your motorcycle to riders who are unlicensed or inexperienced.
  • Intersections are high risk areas. Slow down when approaching an intersection and be ready to avoid a possible collision.
MRASA Toy Run Facebook Update - 26 July 2014
  The MRASA have launched a new 'Community' Facebook page for the Toy Run. It is intended to replace the existing 'Group' page. We will endeavor to transfer members from the existing Facebook page to the new Community page. We are looking forward to your support in this area, and hope to use this as an efficient means to inform the public of the status of the Toy Run over the next 5 months. Here is a link to the Toy Run Community Page.
New Licensing Rules for P platers - 28 July 2014
  New rules come into effect on 28th July 2014 which are designed to address the issue of young drivers being over-represented in road crashes, much more than older age groups. The new rules include restricting late-night driving and the number of peer-aged passengers. There are also changes for L plate drivers.
To read more visit the mylicence home page or their new rules page.
Adelaide Hills Speed Limit Review - 18 July 2014
  The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) are hosting a series of workshops throughout July and August to discuss speed limits and speed limit reductions within the Adelaide Hills Council area. The objective of the speed limit review is to:
a) implement speed limits that are consistent and make sense to the community; and
b) improve road safety in the Adelaide Hills for all road users.

The MRA is representing the interests of the motorcycle riding community and have committed to attend every workshop to present the views of motorcyclists.
Mid North Register 2014
  The Mid North Register had its inception on 22 March 1984. Congratulations to the long serving members of the committee for 30 years of service to the motorcycling community.
  We welcome all interested people to attend our General Meetings. See the Meetings page for more details. MRASA Committee & General Meetings are held at the Prince Albert Hotel, 254 Wright St, Adelaide.
Lane Filtering - 04 March 2014
  06 October 2013 - Maurice Blackburn and the Australian Motorcycle Council are delighted to release their 'Lane filtering' motorcycle video, designed to promote discussion around this important issue. Lane filtering helps address traffic congestion and is six times safer for motorcyclists.

Lane filtering is defined as motorcycles moving between lanes of slow or stationary traffic. Lane filtering is different to the practice of lane splitting (also known white-lining and lane sharing), which is defined as riders moving between lanes of traffic at high speed.

Please take a look at this youtube video advocating lane filtering.
The SMIDSY facebook page has further information.
The Victorian Motorcycle Council have issued the following media release (6th Oct 2014).

4 March 2014 - The NSW Government has issued a media release indicating they will introduce a new law (in NSW) that will permit fully licensed motorcyclists to legally filter past stationary and slow-moving vehicles at intersections when it is safe to do so.
All indications have the law coming into effect on 1 July 2014.
The Motorcycle Council of NSW has released a web page on lane filtering.
Interesting Links
  We have posted a few new items on the Links page, including a link to the LAMS approved motorcycle list, and a link to the World Health Organization global road safety report 2013. Use the About menu above or access the Links page here.
Motorcycling Fact Sheet - Roadworthiness
  We are providing a copy of the Motorcycling Fact Sheet as published by the DPTI (formerly DTEI) for the benefit of members and the motorcycling public. Our aim is to publicise a readily available document in the interests of ensuring our members understand the minimum requirements for their bike to be roadworthy. If by following the guidelines a member finds their bike needs work, the potential saving is about $500 ($350 fine for riding an unroadworthy vehicle and at least $150 fee for the inspection to certify the defect has been fixed) and then there is the demerit points and possible time off work to attend the assessment to be considered as well.
Toy Run 2013 Major Partner
  The Motor Accident Commission is the Major Partner of the 2013 Toy Run.



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